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0008: Craig Wolfe – Founder of Celebriducks on Taking “Crazy” Ideas to Market and Support for Meditation

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Craig is the President of CelebriDucks which is the first ever collectible celebrity rubber ducks.  To date Craig and his team have created over 200 different CelebriDucks, pioneering a whole new collectible. With rubber duckies ranging from NBA, NHL, NASCAR athletes to characters and celebs such as The Blues Brothers, Charlie Chaplin, Mr. T, Shakespeare, Barack Obama, and many others.  Celebriducks exclusive limited edition rubber ducks were voted one of the top 100 gifts by Entertainment Weekly and have been featured on hundreds of TV shows, magazines, and newspapers including The Tonight Show.


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Past Life

  • Bought and sold animation from Disney’s 1930s films.

Limiting belief

  • That you don’t have a choice.  That things in life can trap you and that you don’t have any alternative.

Event, book or course that created breakthrough results

  • After helping the spiritual teacher of his lady get some books produced, he happen to read some spiritual texts, meet this teacher and became an accidental Buddhist.  He never intended to become a Buddhist, but did and it radically altered his perspective on life.

Daily routine, ritual or practice

Dark moment

  • He became a vegan for about 20 years.  He became very unhealthy, completely wearing out his adrenal glands and almost died. 
  • LESSON: Don’t make any assumptions about anything.  No moment can crush you!  When you stop reacting to what is going on, that thing that you thought would kill you becomes support for meditation, and happiness and compassion are always at your disposal.


  • That he has developed a mind-set that allows him to see “Buddhist magic” in all phenomena, and that he is now never trapped by anything life offers.

Words of wisdom or mantra

  • “Don’t dream it just be it.” ― Rocky Horror Picture Show 

What’s next?

  • His gluten-free high end spooning-chocolate, Cocoa Canard.

Speed round


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